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by daniel on August 7, 2008

Sometimes just having the right way of finding the solution is more helpful than knowing the way to solve it, this story just proves it.

A friend of mine bought a new computer to replace an older laptop plagued with viruses. The computer she bought is a Dell Inspiron 1525 which can be purchased preloaded with vista or without operating system. Since she can use a site license for the computer, she bought it without OS and asked for a technician to install the new computer.

This technician installed Windows XP but alas, there were no XP drivers in the supplied driver disks.

After 4 hours the technician is working on the computer, I receive a call from my friend: “Help, Where are the XP drivers? This computer is faulty!”

I asked the technician what is the problem and he told me he couldn’t find the drivers in Dell’s site.

Looking for a way to help her, I googled the following:

inspiron 1525 xp drivers

The result, not surprisingly, contains post of people having the same problem and many possible solutions. Some of the clearer instructions were mailed to my friend so the technician will be able to complete the installation.

This is really a case, where having the methodology for looking up information was more valuable than the technicians experience in finding drivers.

Personal tips for finding information:

Google for the most exactly defining words

If unsure of the description of the problem, use two words that describe the generic problem and add an additional word for describing the equipment with the problem.

Don’t give up after the first 50 results; try at least 3-4 pages one of them may give you an idea to what to ask.

Searching for information is iterative, you might not get what you want on the first time, but after digging for a while, you will have enough information.

If our technician would have known what to search for, he would have found the drivers sooner.

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