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by daniel on August 3, 2008

I’m now designing the logo, based on a logo I found in this site http://www.openclipart.org/

The original logo looks like this:

Logo in red

I didn’t like the red, I believe its too harsh to be in a technical site. I wanted it to be blue.

Using Photoshop I changed the channels, to be bluish.

This is the intermediate result

Logo Blue - preliminary

Meanwhile I decided to update the overall look of the site.

The original color scheme was based on a template provided in the basic installation, and I didn’t like it.

Looking at a this site http://www.joomla24.com/ offering free Joomla templates, I found out this template redevo blue.

What was left was matching the colors, so the logo will match the template.

The end result it this:

Logo Blue Final

This logo represents the way I try to think…

Open up circles, till you cant any more. Then you need to rethink you strategy and see how to move the limits, or how to change the center and how to break out

My goal in life is push my limits; these limits are the one who really hinder us. And when you push your limits, then you can see how much you can expand your capabilities

This logo represents me: concentric circles, moving away from the center, till you push  the limits and expand your universe.

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