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by daniel on October 28, 2008

The name of this site is related to the way I look at how to solve problems. Problems are part of the universe, as defined by the 3rd law of thermodynamics: the entropy increases – always. Thus problems will be part of the world because they are the chaos that surrounds the order men tries to bring into the world.
My personal view it that each problem solving must be tackled as something to be creatively solved by understanding the fundamental problems.
The fundamental problems can be categorized in several issues:
  • lack of communication
  • lack of information
  • real technical obstacle

Lack of communications and lack of information can manifest themselves in various ways, but mostly relate to human issues: how people pass information, how people react and the basic human needs in work. Creative solutions ease the ways people interact by creating more sharing, more binding and more agreeable friction.
Technical obstacles are tackled by understanding the requirements, the possible solutions and the guidelines for selection. The creativity is by looking for something out of the ordinary that will change the way you look at the problem and see if by looking at the problem differently the solution becomes obvious.

Sample technical solutions:
SVN  instead of Source Safe
EMC2 storage for centralized storage solution
VMware solutions for development, testing and deployment
Agile programming techniques

The list goes on, but something is common, that each solution opens up a new way of thinking and a new way of looking at the provided solution. In addition, this solution opens new alternatives and generates a snowball effect that can change the whole solution proposition.
This blog shows how a solution can be designed to serve not just the immediate problem, but generate enough momentum for a change that can last. So for the next problem you tackle a problem, see it as a possibility to design something that can last.

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