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by daniel on November 19, 2008

After preparing the short list as detailed in my previous post, we had a meeting for understanding the requirements for our organization. The result of this meeting was that although we have a basic idea of the requirements we need to get our hands dirty and try a wiki before we really understand the concepts.

The chosen pilot is a small marketing segment that has a need to publish small information snippets where each snippet is part of a larger information base, but each snippet has its own information. Additionally, the information is very structured and can be defined using a form so we can test the requirement of creating information from a form.

The chosen platform for the pilot was mediawiki for several reasons:

  • Its one of the most popular engines.
  • It has a direct export from open office, so we can export existing word documents.
  • We already have an installed version in one of our test servers.

Since the information requires forms, I’ve also installed the extensions below:

In parallel I’ve started to write the documentation in word documents so it can be converted to other wiki format. The documentation I have to write includes systems description and system flows so bitmap isn’t a viable solution for sharing this information in different formats. I’m looking for a browser solution for vector graphics, but I’m still just thinking of the questions.

I believe that having a pilot is actually a good direction because it will provide visibility to the problem and help us learn in small scale the methodology of working with a wiki.

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