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by daniel on November 16, 2008

Researching for wiki alternatives, as continuation of my previous post, I’ve gathered a short list of the possible alternatives. The main reasons for this list are to ease the selection process. There are many engines, with many capabilities so trying to compare all of them will take too long. The short list selects some of the top rated engines for CMS / wiki and tries to see how each one suits the requirements for my project.

The engines are:

  • Twiki
  • Tikiwiki
  • Bitweaver
  • Egroupware

They are capable of providing some of the capabilities detailed, but I still need to create a comparison matrix.

In order to have additional inputs I’ve tried to ask in the relevant forums about the possible options. In Slashdot I’ve tried to ask a general question regarding CMS but it was rejected, so I asked the same in the support forums of these engines. In tikiwiki there is a forum regarding features. In Twiki there is a problem for writing entries due to the community split taken at the beginning of this month. For bitweaver and egroupware I’m still looking.

The next step is to look in the documentation and see if there are the features required and to see if there are some example videos.

I’m also going to install each of these on a virtual machine so ti can be live tested.

So far I’ve installed tikiwiki and started to install twiki.

The idea is to have a full feature comparison this week so we can select the tool and start to test it out on our material.

Next steps will detail the installation saga and first impressions.

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