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by daniel on November 13, 2008

Just before starting the documentation of new development, I started to look for a more user friendly way of sharing information with other group in our company. The options available to me were:

  1. Word documents
  2. Wiki
  3. CMS

The option of using word documents is the acceptable way, but I found it had several drawbacks: a lot of effort is invested in formatting in order to provide a visually appeasing document, the nature of documents not easily distributed or found and the content is quite static.

So I started to check whether there if a wiki can be a solution for my problems. Since I believe that asking for help makes things better, I approached the head of technical writing asking for advice. His name is Martin and he really liked the idea of finding a solution for information sharing but for the whole group, not just R&D. Together we agreed that we have to make a list of the required features and see if there is a CMS solution for our problems.

Here is a list of the features I think we need, not in order of precedence:

  • change tracking a reverting
  • permissions on leaf and tree
  • table of contents
  • form / template for filling information
  • flexible structure
  • export to pdf of relevant information
  • faq capabilities
  • wiki information presentation
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • our company branding

Next week we are going to spend a lot of effort in finding the tool and uploading content to this tool.

Do you have some comment / hints on what platform we should be using?

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