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New long term project

by daniel on May 26, 2009

Sometimes a new idea can just be the thing you need, to motivate you in an interesting direction.

Discussing information management with my wife, it became apparent that a kindergarten might benefit from having a site to communicate with the parents. The site would be for allowing the parents receive information on the well being of the children, statistics, and activity summaries.

Since this idea is quite interesting as business proposition I’ve started to analyze what is the development effort is it viable for me to do it. There are several learning curves to follow: learning new languages (HTML, CSS and PHP), development environment & deployment environment.

As it has been a long time since I coded actual code, I’m going to do it publicly, presenting my thought process. The goals for the project are quite simple:

  1. Have a working application
  2. Have a case study for system design analysis
  3. Have a place to describe the process, from initiation to finish
  4. Have a place to rant about development
  5. have a showcase for the site

The development process will be slow because I do it on my free time.

I’ll try to make it a weekly post on the development, while another post will be dedicated to other subjects as I feel motivated to write.

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