Are you buying or selling?

by daniel on August 13, 2009

Different Perspectives

Perspective is a great differentiators, it allows looking at the same image, but seeing complete different stories. While attending a meeting about bandwidth of Wimax, this phenomenon became extremely clear.

There were two perspectives:

1. The network provider: one Wimax cell provides 30 Mbit/s.

2. The user: one Wimax cell provides 10 Mbit/s.

They are talking the same language, the same jargon, looking at the same technical situation, but still they convey a different understanding. In this case, the difference is due to the analsys of BW for each. The user wants bi directional symmetrical BW, while the network provider asks about the equipment capacity, regardless of usage.

why this is important in every day work?

most of the time you suppose you know exactly what both of you and your coworkers are talking about. but this is only an assumption, only a general idea, unless you discuss it.

Now we get to the reason for this whole post: discuss – be sure that the assumptions are clear and that both of you communicate using the same perspective, but one should take care of not overdoing it.

One of the presenters in the meeting on Wimax summed the problem: are you buying or selling? do you want to show more or less?

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