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Selling – a must tool

by daniel on September 29, 2009

There is a new open position in the company I work for, of managing my development group. Initially the position seemed not suitable for me, being a managerial position, but after discussing it with others I see myself qualified and capable. As obvious as it may look, seeing myself capable is not enough to be able to get the position, so I started a campaign for promoting myself and selling my capabilities of management. This is a frightening start, to initiate a change to my life.

Initially I assumed that my existing capabilities were enough and I’d be able to convince everybody of me being a suitable candidate. While convincing I found out there is a capability I lack, of selling myself. This was a big discovery for me, realizing that before I could become a manager, I had to become a sales man. Although I have experience in selling ideas, as discussed in this article on finding partners, selling myself is a different capability all together.

The realization also made me think of change, of the road I want to take. I believe in chance, that many decisions you take aren’t directly connected to the path your career will develop, as I wrote in article on making career decisions. Capabilities and self growth are different as they open doors and connect you to places that were unknown or unavailable before. So now its time to learn something new, how to sell myself, using salesman techniques.

Since this learning is in a different direction, I have very few resources at hand. one of them is Brag! . but more resources are needed.

Its a maturing experience, to push yourself into a new position and learn new capabilities, even is the path is unclear.

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