What is your Perspective?

Product design

by daniel on September 23, 2010

Or Project <> Product <> Solution

Looking a the life-cycle of products, there are three major perspectives: Project, Product and Solution.

A Project is a unique instance of a product within a specific scope. This scope can be as large as to include several configurations but is still limited by the specifics of this installation. A Product is a physical or logical entity generalized to suit several configurations. A Solution is a vision to tackle a need, while providing the generalizations for using products and work.

Taking these perspectives into account it becomes clear that designing a product is not an easy task, consolidating the different needs and perspectives into a homogeneous road-map requires delicate balance of priorities and beliefs.

Conflicts arise when different perspectives are not homogenized, resulting in dissatisfaction. To reduce the conflicts the end result should be an action plan conveyed to the stakeholders, with broad support to be doable.

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