Customized solutions – in a “box”?

by daniel on November 22, 2010

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New product needs to be marketed, but this product is tailored; a solution specially adapted to customer needs. This is a solution, not a boxed product. How can this product be given to our sales people to be presented to customers? Can this product be sold as a regular retail box? This is exactly the question I try to evaluate.
Yes, customized solutions need additional steps for building or tailoring, they comprise mainly in understanding the requirements and environments. So why box it? Sales people need sometimes to present something tangible, like a box. In such situations having a logical “box” solution is the right direction to overcome skepticism.
One plausible solution is to have a story, a use case describing a specific solution. This is not a real box solution but it can provide a frame of discussion and allow the sales person present something solid with enough substance as to allow further discussion of requirements and concerns.
Since such use case is not easy to display (or tell) one of the tools the sales person needs is a movie or a flash presentation walking the use case explaining the values and attractiveness of the system. The challenge is to create such a movie, easy to display and not too “sales” oriented.

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