The architect has many relations

People are the essence – also in software architecture

by daniel on December 17, 2010

Iltam work-group has been a pleasure, disconnected me from a tough place, help me made new connections and learn I can become better.
as all good things the current work-group has come to an end, in a two part conference to present what has been done.
being such an interesting thing to do, I took on myself to be one of the presenters, talking of “The architecture and the environment”.
Here is the presentation (pdf in new windows).
The summary of the presentation is:

  1. Theory and practice are different,  we need to learn both in order to understand and evaluate the
  2. People are the essence. Most decisions regarding the architecture include a large human factor, to be taken into account when working as an architect.
  3. The environment of the architect is complex, comprising of the client, sales, marketing, R&D and operations.
  4. The architect should have, in addition to technical capabilities, very good soft skills as he should be able to be the hub of information and decision making.
  5. Some tools might help the control and conformance but  its still the good faith of the developer

The 80/20 rule is still valid, but instead of being 80% technical its just 20% technical and 80% human relations.

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