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by daniel on January 27, 2011

Last week I flew to meet sales managers, responsible for one of our largest markets. These are experienced people, with enough wisdom to realize what can really be sold. In this situation I’m the one who needs to sell them my products, engage them into investing their precious reputation on something new

But what am I really selling?

I’m selling trust

Trust that they can invest time and energies and there will be someone to support them.

So, how one creates trust?

  • Be clear – no ambiguities, understandable, at eye level
  • Be concise – no point in messing around, get to the point
  • Be honest – even if there hard rough points don’t hide them. Make the truth come out
  • Be you – inquisitive people can see through masks, so the best advice is to be you, show your true side
  • Under promise and over deliver – make it wow
  • Listen, listen and listen some more – they know what is needed
  • Be a true person – feel and show the true emotions, you are there to connect, not for a show
  • Make an impression – in order to believe, the must be an impression, of reality and leadership. This can only be achieved by making a lasting impression, of honesty and belief

The meetings were actually quite successful,where the people opened and discussed how the solutions can be moved forward. now it’s time to wait and see what will bear fruits.

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