People Matter

by daniel on February 3, 2011

People  Matter

I was traveling to china last week, when I met a business guy who told me about his work.
This is the story:
Looking for a partner in china, this guy met with a subcontractor. In the room there were about 20 Chinese business men, him and a translator. 30 minutes into the meeting he understood he won’t be able to create a connection. Finally he told the hosts that he needs to understand the culture and he asks for a tour around the city.
Being a religious person he visits some pagodas, where his host starts to pray feverishly. Asking for the reason, the host explains “I was told by the priests that this is the second incarnation, where the first one was very poor and could only survive with the help of this life, he continues, I’m here to help as many people as I can”. Our business men nods, and asked to come back to the meeting room and continue the discussion.
Later the same day, they resume the commercial discussion but this time, our guy asks the host for a price reduce in order to give him the contract, mentioning that this project is the first of many, creating a long term commitment. The host agrees, telling he trusts him and that he believes the two of them can have a great partnership.
There is one moral to this story – people matter!  Not the technical or commercial decisions will make it through, but how people connect and listen.

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