Do You Care?

by daniel on March 22, 2011

Do You Care?

“Caring is doing the right thing”…  as recently told by a colleague

While visiting a country for presenting a solution, I was hosted by a colleague responsible for a demo site. This guy is a great presenter, completely fluid with the solutions presented, capable of connecting to people. Being great as he is, he knows he lacks experience in real operation of the equipment. As was the case, he had problems solving interfaces between two systems, something very low level.

He asked me to help him, knowing I’m more experienced in operating such systems. I had a dilemma, whether help this colleague, who works in a different country and I don’t have much contact with him; or travel around a bit and experience a different country.

This ethical dilemma was solved easily. The end result would be not only a system working but a contract being awarded, thus increasing the revenue of the company. Being this the case, I cared for the result, so the work was done.

Luckily, the problem wasn’t very difficult, but needed coordination of two teams. After two days of emails, several phone calls and testing the system worked and the site was delivered to the customer.

For me it was against a moment of understanding people, where he couldn’t get the resources he needed, but I could give a hand. A simple giving that made a difference.

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Gil March 23, 2011 at 8:06 am

quote – This ethical dilemma was solved easily
This is the essence here in my eyes
The World would certainly be a better place if such Dilemmas had always been solved such easily.
And finally, of course, thanks again for your devoted assistance…

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