Fake work or work faking?

Fake Man working on Fake Engine

by daniel on April 28, 2011

Everyone having a creative work to do knows it, there is a moment when you just can’t do, can’t work and will do anything but the necessary task. This is the “resistance”, the self-destructing force found inside of us. This force will make us lose energy; follow the lower resistance path just to avoid the real creative work. But it shouldn’t be like that, there are ways to overcome the “resistance” and express real capabilities.

The “resistance” will “fake” you to work. Will make you do many things that may seem important may seem like work but aren’t: clean up the table, organize the inbox, throw away the trash, connect on Linkedin, look for information on the web, etc. You seem busy, feel busy and the things might even be required, but this activity isn’t creative work, the kind that makes you stand out.

I think that the “resistance” can be fooled differently. I believe that using the same ideas, it’s possible to create a flow for making the creative work like a “waste” of time and thus avoid the “resistance” from noticing. The important factor is to have the methods and understanding that no matter the method chosen there is only one goal, to distract the “resistance”.

There are many methods for “faking” work as something else, as many as there are productivity consultants:

  1. Gamification – turning the work into a game.
  2. Micromanagement – break down the work into micro steps, so each step isn’t scary.
  3. “Just Do it” – the Nike slogan is to break through the barriers

And many more …(just Google productivity advices)

There isn’t a foolproof way that works for everyone, but in order to succeed one must try to find the one that works for him. I have a mix of several methods, mainly ignoring the fear and idealizing the result, so it seems more tangible, thus the “resistance” is lower.

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