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by daniel on April 18, 2011

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Sometimes we just get the right lesson laid just in front of you; this article on getting to the top 50 with a book by Shed Simove is an excellent example on how to create something and market it. But as example it lacks the key element for actually helping you, and that is how to do it on your own.
What is the summary of the article?

  1. Shed created something unique, different and surprising.
  2. Shed used professional help to promote it, up to the point it got traction and attention from enough people.
  3. The message was simple and clear enough it could be shared virally, especially when the author creates the tools for sharing (youtube video and pictures)

Shed does not say it’s a fool proof method, but he does try to make it universal.
I have a problem with this article not of the thing it tells, but the things he lacks:

  • Being unique is hard; creating something of value requires dedication and unique thought. The idea Shed had was great, memorable, but other need to dedicate time and effort.
  • How do you create the connections to market it? Is it just money as he told, or you need the connections, the acceptance of others?

I do believe that doing remarkable things is feasible, and that everyone should aim for it. These articles help, as they give the details of person’s experience. But at the same time, one should look inside and find the creative side and force it out using practice and determination.
My take of the article related to work, is keeping the three items above and use them for making wow results, helping people talk about the work I do, thus creating a success aura. It isn’t simple but doing it consistently creates a wave of positive energy that can be tunneled for creating a true vision.

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