Are you in Apollo mission?

by daniel on June 28, 2011

Are you on Apollo mission?

If you are then I suggest you not to fail as it would mean huge embarrassment and maybe lost lives. For the rest of us, failure won’t mean lost lives, so we can stop being dramatic and look at it form a different perspective.

In order to do you must take risks, where risks mean the possibility of failure. It’s not a nice perspective and no one wants the feeling of failure, but it’s the meaning of growth. Being a manager of people, having the possibility of taking risks and allowing failure is a critical part of helping them grow and actually improving. The contrary is also true, if failures are punished and not respected, employees will become paranoid, using only the safest solution without taking any risks, but also without trying to innovate or improve.

I believe that there are two truths to be learned:

One – freedom is a wonderful teacher, the freedom to fail generates the opportunity to take risks and people will take advantage of the opportunity

Two – Freedom is taken and given in a relationship, so the manager should be able to create the right atmosphere for freedom to evolve and the trust between the manager and employee is critical

What would you do with the freedom given is a different question altogether

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