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Get busy living or get busy dying – 6 steps for handling change

by daniel on June 4, 2011

The film “The Shawshank redemption” is worth its own post, but the quote is relevant as it stares an eternal fact: either you live and change, or you die. Seth Godin recently detailed this in these two posts: Change and Opportunity. I see them as part of a definite flow, that understood, can provide as insight at any situation or change.
Looking at the process I can see a pattern:

  1. There is some external change (might be technical, commercial or another revolution)
  2. This change affects people / companies / countries
  3. The change should be recognized, not as temporary but the core should be identified
  4. When the change is understood, there are two options: adapt or perish
  5. The adaptation is risky, full of unknowns and without any guarantee
  6. The other option is guaranteed, not adapting will make you perish in the long term

The choice is very difficult: between changing, taking risks and no guarantee of success. The other option is a known outcome – end of game.
The risks are high, the returns are unknown, but the other option is sure.

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