Attention and Worth

by daniel on July 6, 2011

attention and worth

“Attention is all I’ve got” – This quote from Tom PetersThe Brand you 50” is exactly the reason why economy is changing once more.

In the past, companies could sell machines to free time (the dishwasher for example) while other companies could sell entertainment for the free time. Both companies could see their business booming. Today, the change is from mass entertainment, like TV, to personalized attention: VOD, Internet, Facebook, etc.

That’s why, “Paying attention to the attention economy” post by Seth Godin nails the basic marketing problem for any product – what is the attention worth for this product for the specific customer? Would the customer like to spend attention to see if its relevant to him?

Due to attention stress, marketing must be more direct and much more personal, giving the customer the choice of investing or not the attention.

(Image courtesy of Juliana C. @ Flickr)

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