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Bring happiness to your customers – lower the decision anxiety

by daniel on July 18, 2011

“Americans have too many things to choose from, and the result is a society of stressed-out and unsatisfied customers” is from an article explaining why people are more stressed and less happy with their life. The observation is right for many aspects in life, but it can also be taken as a guideline for making people happier, more satisfied with the purchase and more willing to share his happiness experience with others.
See this comparison of laptop purchase decisions:
Dell selection page (just home use): Screen size, Price, Processor, memory, hard drive storage, optical drive, video card type, laptop weight (in total 41 series)

HP selection page
: Category, Screen size, Solutions, Special offers, Usage, Starting price, Battery life, Weight, Warranty, Backlit keyboard, Blu-Ray drive, Colors, Brand, Optical Drive, Processor, ENERY STAR, Top Rated (in total 22 series)

Acer selection page: Price, Screen size, Battery life and HD size. Using the tool expands expand to a lot of models with no discernible difference

Apple selection page: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

As you can see, Acer and Apple make a interesting choice of limiting the selection to the very basic: Acer by helping with only three rulers, Apple by having only three distinct families of products.

How to make the customer happier?
Make it easier to make a decision and understand why this decision is the correct one. For this, the following guidelines are helpful:

  1. Less options  – we all want to choose our topping, but unless one can have it all the rage of options should be limited to the basic factors that provide a clear distinct value
  2. Have specific price points – make it easier to define budget or to use the available budget, each price point should have specific benefits and specific reasons to be bought.
  3. Less is more – within each price point have as few as possible models, as each new decision confuses and brings little value to the customer

At the end it making the customer happy with having the product the real aim and not confuse the customer with too many options and making her feel she has lost something by not choosing other product. Don’t forget, the only way of having real touch with the customer is by making her happy and giving her the reasons to tell her friends to come too.

(Image courtesy of PaDumBumPsh @ Flickr)

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