In favor of arrogance

by daniel on July 22, 2011


Lately I’ve been reading on the role of entrepreneurs and product managers, in respect of their roles within a company. After several sites and comparing notes, I found out there are two important traits in order to get what you want: arrogance and capability of leading.
The arrogance is needed in order to create something new, as if not the arrogance, people will dismiss any idea. So you heed the arrogance to think your idea is worthwhile and push It against all naysayers.
The capability of leading is needed for making other follow the idea and make it. Investing the desired effort, investing the money and making it happen.
For entrepreneurs it’s clear, why it’s so important for Product Managers?
Product managers need to believe in the product, to lead the development and sales while having the internal arrogance they know what they are telling. The convincing of people within the organization is not easies than strangers, its actually harder.
Just a word of caution – Arrogance doesn’t mean stupidity, not listening to intelligent reasoning. On the contrary, it should be a battle of wits and intelligence.


(Photo courtesy of Dorsolateral @ flickr)

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