Making a hammer or making a multi-tool?

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by daniel on July 11, 2011

A hammer is single feature, but it can be perfected to suit exactly the intended use. A multi-tool can do many things but not at the best. What is your product and who are you?
Defining yourself will assist in understanding the differences between your image and the result of your job. How is that?
If the tool is very specific, the research for this tool must be exact and the degree of “perfect” must be high. On the other hand, if the tool is multi capable, the research is wide and many compromises must be made.
For software products, the question is even more important as the user experience is completely different by different tools.  Compare the original Norton suite with dedicated file managers or special defragmenters.
There is another option, to make many specialized tools and wrap them in a toolbox.
What are you making? The answer will be connected to who you are!

(Image courtesy of whiteforge @ Flickr)

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