The great circle of life (or technology ideas)

by daniel on July 20, 2011

Samsing Cisco new terminal

The quote from the lion king is because of this press release:

Samsung NC220 Monitor with Cisco UPOE is World’s First

This is an exactly recycle idea from the mainframe date. everything is in the central computer, all the computer power, data and I/O devices. The display is just human interaction device for managing the processes running on the mainframe.

For me its a complete circle of business logic:

  1. When CPU was expensive, centralize it for must use
  2. When CPU was cheap but software was heavy distribute, so each one can use the software best.
  3. Now CPU is cheap and most software is very light on the CPU, centralize again, so heavy users can enjoy the leftover from the light load


Next step will be decentralizing again, but this time were to?

The desktop? No, the desktop as a computing platform is dead, it has become a de facto platform for user data visual manipulation but not heavy lifting.

The mobile? I doubt, as its a multi-function device, but wont be shared among people

The is one other option, more farfetched, of wearable computing – this kind of computing will be a social enhancer for sharing information with acquaintances in a more direct manner than using a web page.


I might be wrong, but tools for showing a bar-code on the cellular and scanning it with another for becoming friends is a step in the right direction.

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