Make it a Game

Make it a Game

by daniel on August 9, 2011

Seth Godin writes in “Bypassing the leap” about domain knowledge as inherent for creating great products. While this being right, there is another perspective to the activity, and its of a childs game. And I don’t mean the concept of “Gamification is busllshit“.

Children learn by taking objects apart and understand how they work. Later on they have the creativity to build then differently, mixing parts in unusual ways. Most tinkerers, enjoy doing it and continue doing for the rest of our life.

That’s great, but how do you use it to create great products?

It’s a game!!

Create the sandbox: domain knowledge, assumptions understanding, breakdown of parts, etc

Just play:

  • Break down the assumptions and drop them or change them
  • Mix the parts in a different way
  • Leave parts off
  • Add parts from a different environment

The idea is to have fun while learning what is the possible and how it can be used. Later, the cloud of possibilities can become a viable product, suited for a specific market and providing unique capabilities.

Do you still think it bullshit?

(Image courtesy of Pink Sherbet Photography @ Flickr)

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