“Make it and they will come” – The loss of innocence

by daniel on August 29, 2011

Make it and they will come - Loss of innocence

If you look on the past of web products, there has been a change of how people think ideas should be implemented.

The original paradigm was: “Build it and they will come” as to mean that any service could find clients and be successful. Unfortunately many services made that way have failed and for a clear reason – not every idea and solution really solves a problem.

Then the paradigm changed to: “make something to show” as to mean that everything that is flashy and looks promising will be. The reason it failed is still the same.

The next change was: “Make something with value” as to mean that the solution should have a reason for being as bringing value to the user. This is much better as it provides a good guideline and a clear reason something might work.

The current paradigm asks for customer validation: “check before you build” as to mean you need a clear view of the customer. This paradigm is much clearer as is really profit oriented.

To me, as a product manager, the last paradigm is known, it’s the way that mature companies decide on new products and how decision is taken. But it is sad; it’s a loss of innovation and sparks the web had in previous years.

My question is: how would the next evolution be?

I still think that the internet is a vehicle for ideas to be spread and can create unique values, but the current trend of marketization of products loses this focus and IMHO is a loss.

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