Do exactly what you are told!

by daniel on September 15, 2011

do exactly what you are told!

In a manufacturing line, this is what was expected from a worker – to be obedient, constant and repeatable, a robot in a sense. But most people are not working in a manufacturing line and need to do some creative work.

In contrast, we have the fantasy of creation by inspiration, where the Muse goddess comes to me and gives me the perfect idea and it’s ready.

Where is the truth?

The truth is that there are no truths:

  1. One can be exceptionally gifted and create unique pictures from childhood.
  2. One can be totally unable to learn and create only trash
  3. One can learn to create, and in the process of learning create stunning creations.

Hence the 10,000 hours rule, where everyone doing something, will become proficient after 10,000 hours of practicing.

What do you do? How do you learn to do something new?

IMHO any action will help you improve as it will make you learn and adapt, and in this change learn to create something unique that has value, especially for you. For you, DO exactly what you want to do!

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