Inspiration, Hard work and Storytelling

by daniel on September 10, 2011

Inspiration, Hard work and Storytelling

Lately there has been a run of all Pixar movies on my satellite broadcaster and I, being a sucker for animated movies, watched them all. One of the movies presented was a BBC documentary for 25 years of Pixar . (Here for direct view)

Watching the movies and the documentary was enlightening, to see excellent storytelling and see the hard work behind the scenes. It also had a special meaning for me as product manager, for understanding how good stories are made and not by magic.

As Product Manager, one of my roles is to create a good story for the customer, to motivate him to buy my products and give him an emotional reason. Taking from the documentary, here are some notes:

  1. Storytelling is about understanding people; about knowing what connects and at which layer, using the right element for creating the emotional bond.
  2. Inspiration is what gives you the original idea; it makes the uniqueness of the story, but it does not give you a complete story.
  3. Hard work fills the complete story;  to make is wow; to have polish; hard work is required and the cooperation of people, each one bringing its own touch and knowledge.

Can I be Pixar? Of course not. But I can bring to my stores the knowledge of how to make one: Inspiration and Perspiration.

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