Get messy when it gets messy

by daniel on January 17, 2012

Get Dirty

Today, I was hurt.

Hurt in the sense that my pride of being useful was undermined. Today, I understood that in the company I’m working for, my usefulness is not only in the things I bring to the table, but also in the way I play the “sad” politics surrounding me.

It started with a prospect that was defined as we need to find something new and sell it under a title. It took some time, and I found a company that can provide interesting equipment and solutions, but was the first time we worked together.

In short, I was blamed for not pursuing the opportunity and not getting enough information from the company. I do feel I was out of focus the last few weeks, but I wasn’t feeling it was too terrible.

I took a back seat in the flaming that happened with this accusation, but I did try to move it forward.

What hurt me was a comment “You have to make clear to your peers that you can fight and get to their bosses, otherwise you are irrelevant”

This is completely opposite of the way I wanted to be, to keep the ugly politics and just try to be “professional” aide.

The story isn’t finished yet, as I going to fight it and make it work.

What I learned today it that you have to get dirty all the way to succeed and to be seen. Lesson number one: “Get messy when it gets messy”

(Photo courtesy of Fortimbras @ Flickr)

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