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Looking back and connecting the dots

by daniel on September 12, 2013

This blog hasn’t been updated for more than a year, due to two major reasons:

  1. Changes in personal life and situation meant I had less time for writing and myself.
  2. I wanted to find a direction for my writing and perhaps look for a role model on how to make the writings better.

What made me look at this are rethink was this comics from zen pencils.


You have to make choices to make the like you want to make.

Now my life is getting more stable and more organized, so I can find the time and energies for expressing myself here. Well that excuse is over.

Unfortunately I didn’t find a real role mode. It seems that because I come from a somewhat different perspective, I don’t feel a real affiliation with other blogs. I’m not from pure R&D and development but I do have deep technical knowledge. Hence I don’t look for writing a technical blog, nor a management one, but I do have views on the technical aspects. It finally got in, I have to find my real voice, discuss about what is important to me hoping other people can connect. How I write and making it interesting and engaging is a different story altogether. Another excuse to get over with.


My unique perspective looks at the people behind the technology, how decisions are taken and how it affects the end user. In addition, I want to share my perspective on the stories. The stories we are told by the companies and the stories we create in our mind.

Looking back at the posts I can see that it has been the path all along, but I wasn’t conscious of it. Hence the title – looking back and connecting the dots.

What do I promise myself?

The writing and thinking never ends, so I will continue writing, even if it is only for myself.

With some work and using my taste as guide improvement will happen. The goal is not become a writer but become more open with my thoughts and feelings


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