Share, DIsappointment and Anger

Shame, Disappointment and Anger

by daniel on September 17, 2013

The company was downsized today, an euphemism for sacking 20% of the people working in the company. I’m disappointed of the company, especially in the way it was done. But in order to understand I have to give some background.

In Israel we have two holiday seasons, Jewish New Year in September or October and Passover in April or May (the months change because the dates are according Jewish calendar).  During these times people try to have better disposition for each other, bonuses are given and changes are delayed until end of the holidays.

This time, the company management gave 30 day notice in the middle of the festive season, in effect making the next two weeks unsuitable for looking a new job and in effect shortening the effective notice to only two weeks. In addition it becomes a burden to be with the family during the holidays knowing that in a very short time you will be without paycheck.

For me it’s a shameful action for the managers, being so tact less and being so cruel to the people. It’s a new low point, where my willingness to stay with this company is non existent, making me wanting to look for new job. While feeling anger at the management for destroying the brittle trust and relationship between management and employees.


People have asked me why the company has so many problems, and my answer is that the base of any company has been lost. The employees stay at the company only because they feel its good for now, but they don’t feel any attachement to he company or being part the company goals.

In my perspective, such situation will just create lower products, lower initiatives and in the end it just brings the end of the company closer.

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