This is the blog of Mr. Daniel Leiderman-Gueller.
Being a seasoned professional with proven track record in creating unique solutions to complex problems. Having a vast knowledge in telecom technologies that is leveraged in creating unique products and solutions. Specializes in turning ideas into products, leading development efforts and delivery of end to end solutions. Excellent articulation of requirements to different stakeholders while conveying the road to making a successful product.
Having more than 20 years’ experience in communications, hardware and software development, providing a unique perspective on software solutions. Mr. Creating  proven leading solutions for intelligence collection, increasing system capabilities 100 fold. These solutions were commissioned and tested under harsh operational conditions to the customers’ full satisfaction. Having designed unique solutions for indoor location of mobile handsets, using 3rd party specialties and providers.
Mr. Leiderman has integrated and leveraged latest technologies to provide field proven products and solutions for demanding customers.

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